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KNN Logo.png

The KNN (Korean News Network) is an area in Easton that many users on ONISM believe to be where Sammy Pak worked for two days and was seen before she disappeared. Across the street from the KNN to the south is a parking lot, and to the west is a Toy Store.

KNN Ending

Alex sees a post on ONISM called Unseen32 and Better Endings Onism icon-16x16.png. Alex leaves for KNN, and the player becomes an intern for KNN. Their first order is to make a cup of weak coffee. Their second order is to copy the master file from a Red Disk and transfer it to one of the computers before returning the disk to the boss journalist. Their final order is to buy a toy for the boss's son. Mr. Jacobs then asks the player to deliver a pink slip to the boss journalist. The player then gives the pink slip to the secretary so they can turn off the Electronic Eye. This lets the player go further into the building, talking to the Ketsubans who claim to be cut content before "finding Sammy."



  • Semi Pak
  • Security Journalist
  • Distraught Journalist
  • Boss Journalist
  • Tired Journalist
  • Lactose Loving Journalist
  • Diabetic Journalist
  • Mr. Jacobs Journalist

Other Appearances

  • Shop Worker
  • Rory Mancer
  • Wild Ketsuban
  • Blue Ketsuban
  • Red Ketsuban
  • Green Ketsuban
  • Yellow Ketsuban



  • There are characters within the KNN building that claim to have been "Cut"
  • KNN's theme is a slowed down version of Sammy's theme.