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Semi "Sammy" Pak Water-Affinity.png

Classification Cat Person
Screen Name N/A
Also Known As Elevator Girl (EG)
Voiced By Kelley Nicole Dugan
Age 23
Hair Color Black
"...the world has used me so unkindly, I fear it's made me suspicious of everyone."

Semi Pak is a character in YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG and the first party member you can recruit.

After being kidnapped by entities in an elevator, users on ONISM become obsessed with her disappearance.

Story[edit | edit source]

Semi was not born in the USA. It wasn't until 1992 where she moved to the US (according to BearsNecessity.Onism icon-16x16.png) Semi relocated to Easton to work at KNN. She began her internship on April 3rd, 1999. The next day, she leaves the building and never came back. Later that day, elevator footage showing her being taken away by the entities was posted on ONISM, causing mass speculation on the forum. Some users, like eightmallet and reactionnod, speculate its from a movie.

In Alex's perspective, he found Sammy at the abandoned Factory. She also owns a cat named Dali, who she dearly loves. He witnesses the disappearance of Sammy in person, but is unable to save her. Despite this, Alex nor Dali are seen in the elevator footage. According to imperfectpicket, Semi is a huge dog lover, and owns a dog named Ernst, which further contradicts Alex's story.

One user, superbpudding, claims to be Semi. No one seems to believe her, but some of the details told by them line up with when Alex met with Sammy.

About Sammy[edit | edit source]

Not a whole lot is known about Sammy, other than what little information the users on ONISM can gather. Alex can't really describe what's going on with her either, "There were weird gaps in her knowledge that I had interpreted as her being quirky, but now I wonder if there was actually something really wrong with her."

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