Golden Alpaca

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Golden Alpaca Fire-Affinity.png

AlpacaPosterInGame Crop.png
Also Known As Arcangelo the Golden Hero
Arcangelo Alpaca
Voiced By D.C. Douglas
Age Unknown
Hair Color Golden

"His vision for the future was an ordered existence. Souls where they belong, no stray parallels, no more crucifusions. That which was twisted, disentangled." The Golden Alpaca is the boss fight of Chapter 2 and a character in Deviation Perspective I.

He stars in the films "Electric City Golgotha: Crufusion" and "Music From Another Reality: Electric City Strikers".


During Rory's encounter with his Soul Survivor, the Golden Alpaca appears out of nowhere. He sentences Alex to soul death, but seemingly fails. The scene repeats, and he decides to destroy Rory's Soul Survivor instead, and succeeds. Afterwards, he confronts the party and attempts to take them out too, removing their "illicit presences."

The party defeats the Alpaca, but he refuses to truly die. Occasionally throughout Alex's adventure, he can be found, repeating some of the worst things Alex has said back at him.

Deviation Perspective I

The Golden Alpaca is a fictional character. William is obsessed with the character. STUB